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I am often asked this question, “ Is your daughter in school yet?”. The answer to this question is easy, “Yes and No!”. The reason I say this is because my daughter who will be 4 soon and she has been in the school of life. The most integral part of her life has been now. She has learned so much from observing her parents, family members, friends, nature and her environment. Let us not forget the digital world is among us and she has been exposed to that as well. So for me, she id already in school. Now in regards to a formalized, test assessment, structured environment school, “no” she does not attend that, but I understand that it could be coming down the pike for her.

As an educator, I want the best for her and I want her to be able to compete and be a high contender with her global counterparts. Her education and socialization at this point are crucial to her future success in this global economy. Being an aware educator makes me want to choose what she is exposed to with great care and not necessarily convenience.

Recently I read the Fast Facts from the National Center for Education Statistics in terms of International Comparisons of Achievement. Based on the facts, I noticed as a country in 2012, we ranked lower than the average score gained by all of the 65 countries that participated ln the math literacy, an
d in science literacy we ranked slightly below average and slightly above the average score in reading literacy.

So then I decided to do a tad bit more research on the matter. This is when I discovered that the more I researched the more I saw that the U.S. basically ranked 36th out of 65 countries that participated in this
Program for International Student Assessment. Countries like, China, Switzerland, and Germany were in the top 10 countries. This made me wonder what these countries were doing that I could do as well for not only my toddler
but for many of the young children I will encounter in education.

As I continue to research and learn more about the educational practices of the academic world elite, I will continue to post facts and information about the process. Feel free to join me on what educational practices you may have learned or have questions about. Together we can reshape the landscape of education so that not only will our children be able to be global contenders they will be academic world leaders!

Happy Researching!!!

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