It’s a New Year, Organize

It’s a New Year, Organize!!!
Organization is the key to a well-managed classroom. Since it is a new year, (2016 YAAY!!!) why not try some new ways of getting organized. Not only will organization help you and your students to find what you are looking for, but it will also serve as a way to expand learning outside of the textbook experience.

One great way to organize could be by having your students help you to label everything. Labeling is an opportunity for students to do sight word practice and broaden their vocabulary knowledge. Another great way to utilize organization may be to have a parent helper or an education student from the local college come in and make copies, play games, grade papers or anything that may take time away from teaching.

If paper is a problem you may want to get organized by moving everything digitally. This will decrease the waste of paper and it is eco-friendly in regards to the trees

In the end, the key to organization is identifying what areas you may need the most organizing in and create a strategic plan of action that you and your classmates will maintain on a daily basis.

Happy New Year and Happy Strategic Organization!!!!!

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