Choosing the Right School Series: Identifying your needs and wants from a school

Unknown-1If you are a parent of a home schooled child or even a toddler and are thinking of placing your child in school or preschool, then you are probably wondering how to choose the best school that would fit you and your families needs. Many times I am often asked which schools are the best schools for you to place your child in. In reality, I do not believe that you can just look at the surface of what a school has and say what is good or bad for a family. I truly feel that a little more elbow grease is needed to be used to determine the best fit.

Although this process may often feel arduous, I like for parents and guardians to do a self-analysis. That means, create a list of their families wants and needs that they would like to see a school offer. Then once they have established their list, visit your local schools that you have interest in and identify which ones meet your criteria the most. This is the first step to narrowing down the best school that may suit you and your families lifestyle.


Creating this list is no simple task. It is important that you sit down and ask yourself the hard questions like; “Do I need after school care because I work late?”, “ Does this school have a great gifted and talented and or special needs program?” . There are so many things we do not think about and later get upset for when it comes to choosing a school for our children. So this week my tip is to start with you and your families needs and really delve deep inside of what you need as a family and what your child needs as a student in order to create your needs and wants list.



Have fun with this task, and maybe you may identify something about you and your family that you did not know.

Need more help with creating a list or more information on choosing the right school, visit my store where we have this great book offered to assist you with the process,

-Nashima Harvey, Ed.M

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